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Tree selection

if your lot is 50 feet wide
don't plant a laurel leaf willow
they grow 50 feet tall and have a 50 foot spread

they are ideal for a large park or acreage where they have the space

They are not suitable for a boulevard either

they are a great tree in the right place

similar trees silver willow and

golden willow
I love this clump of Scots pine planted long ago in Sangudo AB who would do such a thing!
in nature trees come up in clumps from a cone for instance our natural tendency is to leave one tree only but then we wouldn't see this

You can appreciate trees like this if some of the lower branches are removed
owner operator Allan Macaulay PAg
owned,operated and started Four Seasons Nursery Barrhead in 1975 sold it in 2008
worked as a professional agrologist throughout Alberta for over thirty years
investigated many growing problems in rural and urban settings
bringing this experience to run
Laurel Leaf Willow beautiful tree in the right place

I am now working in the Devon Leduc and Edmonton areas I live in Devon

do you need a knowledge able person to help you with some growing problems either in an urban or rural setting?

I do tree care pruning some minor planting
yard and property management
advise on tree care, site, pest and disease identification selection, weed control and identification
tree and plant performance
fertility and growth management

wildlife and bird identification attraction and protection

actual examples of what I do

pruning of trees to reduce disease problems

trees that need to be pruned so they look and function properly

unfortunately I also do some trees removal for disease and sometimes the trees are in the wrong place at the wrong time

I do some sod laying and can advise you on the best sources of soil for your yard and garden

If you trees and plants are not growing properly I can help with that

I also look after trees for some commercial sites

condos towns and cities

in many cases trees are planted and forgotten

they need water when its dry even if they have been there for 20 years some of our droughts stress them out and they can start to decline or even die

fertility is also key

proper selection of fertilizers and use of them will increase performance amazingly

many lawn fertilizers for instance contain only


ie 20 0 0

which means it is 20 percent nitrogen and no other nutrients

the grass will jump and get green when its applied

but the other major nutrients need to be considered to keep the plants healthy and competitive

the first number is nitrogen the second phosphorus and the third potash

and it there is a fourth number its sulphur

the trees and flowers need a balanced nutrient supply like

20 20 20

and if you want more flowering then 10 52  is a good idea

or another fertilizer where the middle number is larger
it is also key not to stimulate growth in your perennial plants later in the season

we have a relatively short growing season and we want or plants to survive the winter

just out the back in Devon always I am pleased to see the birds and wild life
In the Tree business since 1975
Now Focusing on Tree and Yard care

Do you want your yard or acreage to look better

your trees garden and lawn to be healthier and more luxurious

I can help

how should you grow this tree or that tree

what is the best variety to grow for this climate and that location

These are key questions

Why do I have so many weeds and how do I get rid of them

What is wrong with my tree

why are the needles dropping
Amur Maple the grow best as a clump but some are growing them a single stem. We are also seeing more tartarian maple they are not as colorful but do better as a standard single stemmed tree and neither of them grow too big 20 ft 5-7 M b
Both of these maples are very brittle so it is important to remove branches that could be bumped into by lawn mowers etc
Native Larch Larix laracina a wonderful tree in the right place
there are many species and cultivars of larch we can grown
Siberian Larch  European Larch and some weeping larch in the garden

The there is Lyles Larch growing up in the Sunshine Meadows

I had a very good selection of European Larch on my nursery and I am propagating a few of them here
they hold their needles longer in the fall and are bushier